Empowering Police Officers in Mental Health Crisis Response

Make a difference by learning to:

  • IDENTIFY A Mental Health Crisis
  • COMMUNICATE With Confidence
  • RESOLVE Crises More Effectively
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You’re a cop.  Not a therapist.

Police officers are increasingly being called to the front lines of mental health crisis intervention.

Without the right training and resources, it is challenging to navigate these potentially volatile situations with confidence.

I believe both you and the person in crisis deserve better.

Accept the challenge.
Exceed expectations.

ICR training equips officers with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to begin transforming crisis encounters into positive resolutions that can have a real impact on someone’s life.


Rest easy knowing you have the ability to identify and more effectively resolve mental health crises.


Better stabilize crisis events by building genuine connections through enhanced communication skills.


Help individuals in crisis find hope and healing, potentially reducing future calls for service.

I understand the challenges you are facing.

As a retired 30-year law enforcement veteran and IADLEST national-certified instructor, I understand the immense responsibility police officers bear during high-stress events involving a mental health crisis.

I’m here to help you navigate these challenging situations by elevating your crisis response skills, allowing you to positively impact outcomes for everyone involved.

Equipping Officers to Make an Impact

Insightful Crisis Response provides experience-informed mental health crisis response training. As a highly experienced former CIT officer with over 30 years of experience and multiple certifications in mental health crisis intervention I can help you achieve competence to respond in challenging situations. 

ICR offers both self-guided online courses for individuals as well as in-person training for larger groups and agencies.

Agency Training

The way it all started. In person, live training that is highly customized to the exact needs your officers are facing.

Online Training ( Coming Soon)

Learn at your own speed. Don’t wait until the next in-person event. All our training is available as online courses that can be accessed on your own time. 
(Agency-wide licenses are also available)

Your Path to Improved Crisis Response Skills

1. Choose the training you need.

ICR offers self-guided training as well as agency training tailored to your specific needs. 

2.  Receive training from someone who’s been there.

Whether you choose to access online training or agency training, ICR will help you gain critical skills to respond to a mental health crisis. 

3. Make a difference. 

You didn’t sign up to become a therapist – but you did sign up to make a difference in your community. And ICR can help you do it. 

What Officers Are Saying

Step Into Your Potential with ICR Crisis Response Training

ICR trainees go from frustrated to confident in their ability to respond to and resolve mental health crisis events.