About Insightful Crisis Response

Our Mission

Insightful Crisis Response, LLC is a law enforcement training company that opened in January 2022 with the following mission:

Provide high quality training to as many officers as possible, empowering them to:

Why We Do It

We have embarked on this mission because ICRs founder, Troy Siewert, knows what it’s like to be an officer responding to a mental health crisis call – often with the same individual on multiple occasions.

He remembers the pressure to successfully resolve these calls despite receiving very little, if any, training in mental health awareness or crisis response.
And he can still feel the frustration of believing the only resolution options to these calls are arrest, hospital transport, or walking away – none of which seem to stop the repeat calls for service


People in crisis also deserve better.
Unfortunately, this lack of training seems to be prevalent in a majority law enforcement agencies today. Too many agencies have insufficient staffing, finances, or both to send their officers to training. Even if they do have adequate staffing and finances, this type of training may not available in their area.

This is a problem that needed to be solved, so Insightful Crisis Response, LLC was created.

How We Do It: Live On-Site Training

Troy Siewert has been providing live, in-person, mental health awareness and crisis response training to law enforcement officers since 2017.

All training classes are taught by him and are conducted in an energetic, interactive, and fun style to keep adult learners engaged. His passion on the subject matter is evident to anyone who attends a training class.

Training curriculum is always developed and delivered with the intention of providing students training that is relevant to them, and can be used as soon as they leave the class – empowering them to resolve crisis situations more effectively.

Coming Soon: Online Self-Paced Training

Officers shouldn’t be limited to attending training only when their agency sends them. They are the ones who will be on the calls, interacting with individuals in crisis, searching for a way to successfully resolve the incident.

Empowering Officers to Make an Impact

Whichever training format is selected, Insightful Crisis Response will equip officers with the knowledge, tools, and strategies they need to feel more confident when responding to mental health crisis calls and more effectively resolve them.

This improved response can positively impact the lives of individuals in crisis, their families, and the community while simultaneously benefiting the officer and their agency.

Insightful Crisis Response can make a difference!