Improving the Dispatchers Role

Improving the Dispatcher’s Role in
Mental Health Calls for Service

Dispatchers are the first point of contact in many situations. This training will help improve outcomes.

Course Description

This is a one day, 8-hour class designed specifically for police/fire/EMS dispatchers.

Dispatchers are the first point of contact individuals involved in a mental health crisis incident will have with the police/fire/EMS agencies. How dispatchers handle these calls can play a crucial role in making a crisis situation better, or worse. Despite their importance to the success of mental health calls for service, dispatchers often are overlooked as part of CIT and mental health training.

This course will increase a dispatcher’s ability to identify mental health calls for service, ask for relevant information, and then dispatch the appropriate resources.

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Topics covered include:

  1. Prevalence of mental illness
  2. History of the mental health system and its impact on law enforcement
  3. Signs & symptoms of common mental illnesses likely to be encountered
  4. Suicide warning signs
  5. Taking the crisis call
  6. Dealing with the suicidal caller
  7. Communication skills – talking to a caller in crisis
  8. Dispatching a mental health call
  9. Crisis Intervention Teams & how they work
  10. Scenario role-play

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