In-Person Training

Let us bring the training to your organization!

You can arrange to host any of our courses and get all your staff trained at one time, in one location – yours!

Can’t send all of your staff at one time? No worries.

Collaborate with a few other agencies and share several training dates. It’s a great way to train all of your officers, over several dates, while only paying for one day of training!

Mental Health Awareness and Response: An Intro to CIT

This is a one day, 8-hour program that has been certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) and satisfies numerous state training mandates The course provides law enforcement officers with an awareness of mental health issues and tools to interact more effectively with individuals who may be in a mental health crisis. Officers will leave the class with a better understanding of what steps they can take to promote a peaceful resolution to a crisis incident and connect an individual with the help they need. Topics covered include:

Customized Training Class for your Agency

Every organization has different needs, abilities, and limitations. We’re here to help.

We can customize both training content and duration to fit your agency’s needs.

We can customize both training content and duration to fit your agency’s needs.

  1. Identify course content – Whether you have specific topics you want covered or just a general idea, we’ll work with you to identify the training right for your agency.

  2. Select course length – We’ve done 2, 3, and 4-hour training classes, as well as full 1 or 2-day classes, and can do the same for your agency. You pick what’s right for you.

To increase the quality of instruction provided, we also offer scenario-based training using professional actors as an additional option to include in your custom training class.

Mental Health First Aid – Public Safety

Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety is a training curriculum created by the National Council for Mental Well Being that teaches how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. This training gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial support to someone who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem and help connect them to the appropriate care.

The course will teach you how to apply the ALGEE action plan: